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  5. "Tu bevi il tè."

"Tu bevi il tè."

Translation:You drink tea.

September 8, 2013



I know it expects us to translate it to "drink tea" not "drink the tea", it's grammatically correct English, I get it. What I want to know is, do they (Duo) put the "il" in there because it is proper Italian to address things as "the tea", "the chair", etc? Is that more common? Do Italians not drop the "the" like we do? Or is this just an occasional thing and Duo wants us just to remember to translate into proper English? Thanks :)


Hi Mad, in Italian the articles are almost always necessary.


But it's not like French where you use "des"/some for indefinite quantities?


The partitive article is also used in Italian e.g. del tè could be used in some contexts to mean "some tea". However this sentence is not saying the equivalent of "you drink some tea" - it is making more of a generalisation that you drink tea, as in any tea. It could also mean "you drink the tea" as in a specific tea.


As was said above, italian almost always needs an article. So when you have 'the' in english you use 'articoli determinativi' (for male noun in this case is 'il') and when you dont use or as you say drop the 'the', than in italian are used 'articoli indeterminativi' (for male noun 'un'). So either this or that.. usually cant go without any article.


Yes, sometimes the first words are not heard good enough. Any way, bevi il te implies the YOU


I've seriously said this sentence 35 times and the microphone can't recognize "tu bevi"


I put You drink the tea, & it was correct. I personally think many of the questions could have two correct answers. The tea, tea or the lemonade, lemonade. Just hope my grandson appreciates my trying to learn Italian.


Any suggestions on "il"? I'm trying desperately to mimic get, but every time it's "il" I'm wrong. Pronunciation tips, anyone?


There is no 'the' in the word options


I can't figure out when to say the article when in Italian it is there but I am supposed to leave it out or I marked wrong.

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