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  5. Days streak reset :-(


Days streak reset :-(


I have been working very hard every day to have my days streak go up. Somehow it went back to 0 :-( Do you know who could help me out to recover my days streak value?

Thanks in advance.

April 7, 2015



Did you meet your Coach target? Or did you practice after midnight in your current time-zone, or have you recently changed time zones? There are a number of a reasons you could have lost your streak, and unfortunately, unless it is a genuine glitch, it is unlikely to get reinstated.


Thank you Psionpete. I really take care of my streak, even when on business trip I practice to keep my streak. Furthermore I purchased a Streak Freeze for the first time, I think it did not work (?). Do you know on what door I could knock to get this resolved? Thank you!


I don't know how to contact Duolingo directly other than via the support button or contacting a staff member on their private stream (they have a blue circle round their user icon). They may be able to help if it is a glitch although quite often there is some genuine cause and I think some get a disappointing result but good luck.

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