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  5. "Nein, ich nicht."

"Nein, ich nicht."

Translation:No, not me.

September 8, 2013



Why cannot be "No, I am not!" ?


It accepted "No, I'm not." for me


"No, I am not" doesn't make sense in the way they have taught you up to now. "No, not me" is a correct phrase in English. You cannot interchange "No, I am not" and "No, not me" they mean two different things.


Not always true. "Are you doing that?" can be replied to with "No, not me" or "No, I am not" short for "No, it is not me doing that" or " No, I am not doing that"


Because the verb "to be" is not in the sentence.
No, I am not! - Nein, bin ich nicht!


How do you make your words bold and italicized?


For bold, you put one asterisk * in front and one after the word or phrase. For cursive, you put two in front and two after. For bold and cursive, you put three each.


My native language is Portuguese, but I'm an English Teacher an I'm using Duolingo to improve my German. In Portuguese, we have an expression very common that is: "Não, eu não.", which means "No, I not" literally translating [not used in English], or "Não, não eu", translating "No, not me". This expression doesn't use a verb in Portuguese. The same thing happens in German. "Nein, Ich nicht." Since there is no use of a verb, the translation in English couldn't be "No, I don't" or "No, I'm not", because these expressions use a verb. The only expression with similar meaning that could be used in any case would be "No, not me."

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