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"Eso no va a reducir el número."

Translation:That is not going to reduce the number.

September 8, 2013



would "That will not reduce the number" be ok


Yup. "will not " = "is not going to"


I do not see how what you say is correct. "ir" can translate to: go , be , head , walk , pass , pursue , fit , run away , pass by , get at , run for , run after , chase after , be behind , suit , lead , follow

And "will" is not even related to these verbs.

And English, "will," translates to Spanish as: querer , legar , dejar en testamento , ordenar , lograr por fuerza de voluntad , sugestionar

And "ir" is not included.


that's probably because both "going to" and "will" deal with the future (just in a slightly different way) and so does "ir a"


Why not "cut the number"? If you look at the translations given by Duo cut is also listed.Still it marked my answer wrong


Because in this instance you can't really cut down on a number. In this example, think of it as an offer..."What if I throw in a washing machine?"--"Well, that is not going to reduce the number!".

Also, reducir can be used to "cut down" in dietary terms. For example, "I am going to cut down (reduce) salt intake".


Is this sentence supposed to be some people doing math or something? "We need a new equation to simplify this number!! ITS TOO BIG!!!!"


"That's not going to bring the number down"?


The audio on this one is weird...

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