"Bye, good night."

Translation:Arrivederci, buonanotte.

December 19, 2012

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I only checked "Arrivederci, buonanotte". I was taught you would use "buonanotte" for "good night" and "buonasera" for "good evening", and that you would use the latter until you're going to bed, and then you say "night/notte". Is that wrong?


You can use "buonanotte" if you're saying goodbye to someone for the evening. For example, you are out to dinner with a friend, you finish and both go your separate way home. When leaving, you would say, "Ciao, buonanotte" because you won't be at their bedside when they go to sleep, so this is the last time you see them for the night. Hence "ciao, buonanotte" is ok to use in the evening, even if someone isn't going straight to sleep. Hope I make sense.


Yes, it makes perfect sense. Thanks a lot!


you're right: buonanotte is only for bed time!!


In italy people only say "Buona notte" if they are literally putting someone to bed. Otherwise, it's Buona sera.


This is a great tip! I wouldn't like someone to think that I was putting them to bed instead of just saying good night...unless, perhaps,...uh...


This can be an amazing catchphrase for an Italian superhero. Arrivederci, buonanotte!


I believe Duolingo to be correct on this question, but it keeps stumping me because most of their questions are so specific and this one is kind of vague at first glance.


Yes it is literally evening, but in the context that you may use it compared to the English use of the phrase, "Good night.", it is correct.


"English use" We are trying to understand Italian here mate :)


I think the point is that where in English you would use the term "Good night," in Italian it is split into two specific meanings, the one where "notte" is correct and the one where "sera" is correct. They may not overlap so much in Italian but in English there's only the one expression... well, "Good evening" as a form of goodbye does exist but it's kind of formal.


buonasera = good evening (greeting) buonaserata = have a good evening (parting) buon anotte = good night/ have a good night (putting to bed/ other person is going home to bed)


Arrivederci mean Good-bye and Ciao mean Bye. I've never seen good night, Buonanotte as a whole word. I've always seen buona notte.


I thought buonasera and buonanotte was interchangeable. Do not feel I should be penalized


I'm sorry? They told us before "buonasera" meant good evening AND buonanotte !


buonasera =good evenning is used when you arrived, as an introduction. Buonanotte = goodnight is used when you leave, as an ending line.


Buonasera = Good evening (arriving) Buona serata = Have a good evening (leaving) Buonanotte = Good night (person is going home for the night or going to bed)


what does addio mean?


"Addio" means "farewell" in Italian. It comes from Latin ad + deus (to God).


Im so awful at spelling italian words


So, per an earlier commenter's tip, we could also say "Ci vediamo, buonanotte," or "Ci vediamo, buonaserata"?


"Ciao, arrivederci" should be among the correct answers.


is "Ciao" frequently used only like "Hello" instead of "Bye"?


ciao bella!

Actually, it's like 50-50.

ciao ciao! ;)


That sounds kinda weird to put Hello and Goodbye in the same sentence but why not ;)


Okay Italian, you be you and not, um, ah ah, Danish? Swedish? Chinese? Klingon? I dont know!

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