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  5. "He wears a shirt."

"He wears a shirt."

Translation:O bir gömlek giyer.

April 7, 2015



Do you giymek shirts and dresses, but takmak hats and glasses? It doesn't seem like they are interchangeable. Are there other things you would takmak but not giymek?


takmak is for accessories, we use it also for a ring necklace bracelet earring etc


This was not really clear to me in the last lecture. Particularly the translation of both was wear. Could someone add this to the description of the lecture, so that others might get a feel for it too?


This is just not how the language is used in daily life. If someone asks "what is he wearing," you would say "O tisort giyiyor" with "O" being optional and not common in this case. The present tense of "he is wearing" is giyiyor.

Gomlek is a button up shirt. Giyer in the given answer really means he will wear a gomlek (like at the event we are going to tonight).


why not "o bir gomlek takar"

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