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  5. "Deniz hem mavi hem de yeşil."

"Deniz hem mavi hem de yeşil."

Translation:The sea is both blue and green.

April 7, 2015



So when would we use this version of both, as opposed to ikisi de or ikisini de?


When the subject/object consists of two things, of the SAME KIND, we use 'ikisi' or 'ikisini'. When the subject/object are not of the same kind, but have the same property, or do the same thing etc... we use 'hem... hem de...' Example: 'Both the dresses are blue.'= 'Elbiselerin ikisi de mavi.' as opposed to 'Both the dress and the skirt is blue.'='Hem elbise hem de etek mavi.'


Can you translate it as "the sea is blue as well as green"?


Sure! It is just a missing one. I have added it.


Or "Deniz [person name] is both blue and green"!


Yes. During my stay in Alanya, we lived in a hotel and next to that hotel was a store called ‘DENİZ MARKET’, so, yes, apparently Deniz is also a name. :)


Maybe I'm being dense but why yeşin rather than yeşil for green?


In the audio, yeşil sounds like yeshihh

[deactivated user]

    Uhm, why are there 2 "hem"? I mean, am I forced to sorround the first word with those?


    Yes you can think of the second hem as 'and' though, for correct detonation.

    [deactivated user]

      Oh, so it works as in 'ya X ya da Y'. Teşekkürler!


      How do you say "ocean" as opposed to "sea" ?

      ("The ocean is both blue and green" is not accepted as of 2/11/19 but I am not reporting it at this time.)


      Ocean is okyanus

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