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  5. I lost my 159+ streak!


I lost my 159+ streak!

On Easter (5/4/15) I finished doing my lessons on duolingo to discover that my streak was back to 1 even though I completed lessons the day before (I always ensure that I do extra lessons to cover my goal every day). I checked my progress report and it too tells me that I practiced Easter Saturday and got higher than my daily goal. Is there anyway my streak can please be fixed as I had been doing this for over 5 months and am really disappointed that it has reset on me. I have contacted support and haven't heard back after 3 days so I thought maybe someone else has experienced a similar problem and would be able to help me! Anything is greatly appreciated.

April 7, 2015



Did you reach your coach target every day, or have you moved to a different time-zone temporarily? There are a number of ways you can loose your streak and unless it was by a definite glitch Duolingo are unlikely to restore it, although it is worth a try.


You had to buy a streak frees in the lingot store, then you streak is not gone when you have one day no points, whatever the reason is.


that is really sad, try resetting your account or reloading the page, it may have been a temporary glich


No idea why this would happen but I hope someone is able to fix it. Good luck :)


My 76 streak was cut 2/4/15 though I had paid one day 'free' and never used it before.


i lost my 236+ streak!


I lost my 176 day streak because I could not log into it. What is going on?

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