"Le ragazze mangiano la torta."

Translation:The girls eat the cake.

December 19, 2012

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i wish this site had a chart of conjugations of verbs. it really helps me a lot to learn.


You can google italian conjugations - there are several sites

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    I would have sworn that plural of ragazzi meant boys, not just kids. Ah well. I suck at this tonight.


    Ragazza is girl, ragazzo is boy. Ragazzi is boys, ragazze is girls. If it's a group of both boys and girls, ragazzi is used (I believe).


    Masculine takes precedence. So a group of boys is ragazzi and a group of boys and girls is also ragazzi.


    thanks for laying it out just like that!!!


    Masculine plurals can be a collection of only masculine singles OR a mixed-gender group. Females in a group take the male plural if there is even male among them. Thus, ragazzi is both boys (all male) and kids (possibly boys and girls together). Hope that helps!


    I thought that if you were saying in Italian "the children eat the cake"- not referencing gender it would be "i ragazzi"


    The voice says gli ragazzi, a the correct answer is le ragazze


    I get really confused with all the variations of certain words, like eat. Does anyone else?


    Verb conjugation is difficult when your native tongue does not have it. It's not just memorization, it's getting used to a new aspect of language.

    But don't fret. As you practice more, the strangeness will leave and you will understand it as a natural part of language. As for which ending to use, that just takes lots of practice. Memrise is perhaps a stronger site to learn that aspect.


    I have so much trouble with ragazzi vs ragazzo vs ragazze =(


    In English we wouldn't say, The girls eat the cake. We would say: The girls ate the cake or The girls will eat the cake or The girls are eating the cake.


    I'm pretty sure she mispronounced mangiano. She says it like [MAHN-jeno] but the spelling and Italian pronunciations suggest [MAHN-gee-AH-no] to me. I could be wrong tho, English is my native language.

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