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  5. "Gli sciampi sono sul tavolo."

"Gli sciampi sono sul tavolo."

Translation:The shampoos are on the table.

April 7, 2015



What is it about DL and plural shampoos??? twice that's come up now - most unnatural.


Google gives me " gli sciampi sono sul tavolo" the "shampoos" ( plural) are on the table


perhaps in italian you need 'shampoos' (plural) to wash your hairs (i capelli) - always plural...


the plural for shampoo is shampoo... don't penalise me for speaking proper english


Unless it is a shop that offers a range of different shampoos...


but still, it's completely unnatural to say the shampoos are on the table


yeah it could be multiple bottles of shampoo... but no who would ever say that in real life? "the shampoos are on the table"??? I mean it could come up if you're a shampoo saleswoman, but for the average person this is kind of an absurd introduction to the word


there are lots of really absurd sentences in these lessons


I don't think the word for "shampoo" should be introduced with a plural usage. For all we know, Italian could use a plural word to refer an item for which English uses a singular.


I thought it was shrimp. Lol


Can anyone tell me when to use the plural gli or i?


It's for masculine words beginning with a vowel, or for words that start with Z or with an s + consonant.


The word "shampoo" is uncountable, otherwise known as a "mass noun". You can have 300ml of shampoo, but not three shampoos.

It's only countable in extremely informal language, and even then it's short for "bottles of shampoo".


The sheeps are on the table... The fishs are on the table... makes sense to me


How On Earth Do You Count Shampoo? It's A Substance, You Can't Have "A Shampoo", Just As You Can't Have "A Water", "A Dirt", "A Sawdust", "A Tin", Et Cetera. Somebody Italian, Please Explain To Me Why There's A Plural For A Clearly Uncountable Word.

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