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"What is your extension number?"

Translation:Qual é o teu ramal?

September 8, 2013



What lesson was the word "ramal" introduced in?


In this very exercise it seems!


It must have been added recently because I've completed the course, and practiced the whole tree multiple times, and I only encountered it now for the first time!


It was not taught in this lesson! Instead, the Portuguese sentence "Qual é o suo número de extensão?" was given, to be translated into English. Next thing I knew, the English was given with 3 Portuguese sentences, none of which are that one. "Ramal" was never taught.

I reported, but there's no real way to report this exact kind of error now that duolingo has swapped to a ticky reporting system with no details possible.


Why can't I say: Qual é o suo número de extensão?


You can say that (although not very common). But the correct word is "seu" for masculine words.


Paulenrique, oops! I see that now but that's not why they marked me wrong. (Italian got in the way!) But, if I had written "seu" it should have passed, no?


"Qual é o seu número de extensão" still not accepted (April 2014)!! :(


It is accepted now January 2018


Apparently it did not accept the same sentence as yours, from me, because it should have been "da" extensão, because extensão is a feminine word, and one needs the "the" there as well, so "of the extension".


The word 'suo' doesn't exist (at least not in Portuguese). The correct is 'seu'.


Report it, I wrote the same thing and it was marked wrong


The word ramal was not one of the choices that I had, but it was in the suggested correct answer


what is wrong with qual e teu ramal?


It's also right.


qual é a extensão do seu número?


It's a word-for-word translation that doesn't work in Portuguese...


Why is "Qual e o seu numero de ramal" incorrect?


Not wrong, but not used either. Maybe "Qual é o seu ramal?" or "Qual o número do seu ramal?"


What is extention number?


Sometimes, big organizations will have a main number that connects you to the organization, but separate 'extension numbers' that connect you to a particular person, if you know that number. So the main number might be 12345678, but your individual extension might be 16. So I would call 12345678 and hear a prompt that says, "If you know your party's extension number, enter it now," so I would press 16, and the phone in your office would ring. It's a way to avoid having a receptionist who takes all calls and then connects each caller to the right person.


Oh....um "ramal"!

(Coming from "ramo", I believe, which is a "branch").

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