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Something odd I found while Practicing

In the picture below, there's a bunch of words, but two of them are English words, so it makes it obvious to the learner that those words aren't the correct answers.

It happens again:

I think all those words should be spelled in Cyrillic.

April 7, 2015

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Also, guys, a question/request for you both. I know there are some English speakers who are studying this reverse (for them) course. But do you submit reports? I'm asking because from time to time I come across certain types of suggested translations (completely incorrect) that a Ukrainian speakers simply can't do (even if he/she is a total fail in grammar, style or vocab choice)..

I don't mean to sound like I don't appreciate your interest in Ukrainian, but we are struggling our way out of beta and those reports just add up to the stats, you know..

If that's not an issue - nevermind and enjoy your learning the language (and your waiting for the real course:))


I use the iOS app, so it's impossible for me to submit reports. :)


Well, assuming one could switch between platforms..


Nope. The course was made for Ukrainian speakers, so as an English speaker I shouldn't bother telling native Ukrainian speakers how to speak broken Ukrainian.


I just stopped myself from reporting the inability to exchange the -ся on the end of a verb with a -сь. I know I was correct, but getting Ukrainian out of beta is more important.


I do from time to time submit reports, but only if I have seen the same sentence/word/phrase elsewhere or if I see an English translation that is wrong grammatically. I try not to report problems unless I am sure that there is something wrong. I just checked and it looks like I have around 30 accepted corrections for the course so far.

I can stop putting in error reports if you like, as it seems you have enough trouble with people arguing about the definite article, whether it is proper to use "я маю" or "у мене є", and trying to pass off Russian words as Ukrainian.

Дуже дякую за все!


As a side note, I would like to apologize if any of my submissions were just clogging up the works.


If you correct obviously wrong Ukrainian to English translations - that's perfectly fine. I meant the EN-UKR translations when it looks like a user just looked at all the pop-up hints and decided to pile them all up in one sentence.


Wow, мені шкода.


Duolingo generated those including the words in pop-up hints. That's where we have, for instance, omitted in Ukrainian for English link verbs is/are. Also, the Hints for similar words work across both UK-EN and EN-UK courses (which is sometimes not efficient at all).

Good points, JamesB84. Thank you.


Just a few comments/questions...

  1. This lesson looks as though it comes from the Android or Iphone version. I didn't know that the Ukrainian to English course was available for those platforms. How can I get access to this?

  2. I think that this is posted in the wrong area.

  3. The course is still in beta, so if there are any problems, they should be reported in the appropriate "Report a problem" or "повідомити про проблем" area.

  4. Enjoy learning Ukrainian!


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