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E-mails from Duolingo

It seems I don't receive e-mails from Duolingo any more. I usually get between 1 and 5 per day regularly (I'm quite active in the discussion section) and I haven't received anything in the last 4 or 5 days. I'm also sure I should have because I did get some notices because of comment replies when I logged on the site.

I checked my settings and everything seems normal. I also checked my spam folder and there's nothing. Anyone else have noticed this?

Update : I tried to uncheck every e-mail notification from the settings, save and re-check the ones that I had, but it didn't change anything (I still don't receive any e-mail from Duolingo).
I've written to Duo staff to ask them to look into this issue. I'll keep you updated when/if I get a reply from them.

April 7, 2015



It is happening to me too.I usually wake up with more than 5 notifications, and I'll never know what I lost because I don't receive emails


Yes. I haven't received an email from Duolingo since Dec 28, 2014. I tried everything except for changing my email address and writing on a staff member's stream.


oh wait, so the notification center only shows 5 noti at max? and there's no "see all" button?


i guess it's time to set my email notification on again....


Same happened to me. I have not recieved any emails from Duolingo for months now.


Try to check your settings in the part where is says "notification"


"I checked my settings and everything seems normal."


I got them back! I now have an inbox full of notifications, just like I used to. I don't know what fixed it though, I sent two mails to Duolingo support and haven't heard from them, but the notification e-mails seem to be back.

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