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  5. "Where is the doctor?"

"Where is the doctor?"

Translation:Hvor er doktoren?

April 7, 2015



No matter what language , this question is always asked in a menacing Dalek voice in my head !


'Læge' is more commonly used than 'doktor' for a medical doctor


first page of the unit it says Doktorer but here is doktoren. Which one is correct? :/


I'm not an expert, but I think doktoren means the doctor and doktorer means doctors.


I got it wrong twice because I was thinking about a TV show. I came to this page and was told "laegen" was correct. I wrote, "Hvor er laegen?" and I was not exterminated. It was marked "correct".

Hovering over the hints I saw that "doktoren" is "the doctor" and "laegen" is "the doctor (medical). I deduce that Danes use "laegen" for someone who practices as a doctor, even if he only has a bachelor degree and "doktoren" for anyone who has a doctorate if he is a scientist, philosopher, historian, or geographer. Doctor Stephen Hawking is a great man but I do not want him removing my appendix. I would rather have someone with an MB.

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