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Real-World Translations

Okay people, I've had enough. I'm learning Spanish at the moment, and I simply cannot believe the kind of crap people vote for as the right answer. In more than half the cases, the translations are completely out of context or just plain bad English, both in grammar and vocabulary.

I know duolingo is mainly about learning a new language, but PLEASE, guys, focus a bit more what you actually write... I sometimes spend more time correcting your answers, make suggestions and such, without getting any points or feedback...

For the Duolingo-coders: Is it possible to somehow reward people that fix wrong sentences in the real-world translations? I mean, apparently most people just write random stuff in there to get the points without thinking at all. I hope somebody finds a solution for this...

December 19, 2012



Maybe people write some stupid crap because of the way the translations work. I get a sentence, which I don't understand, so i click "Try a different sentence". But in every new real world translation, I will keep getting the same sentence to translate. So it is easier just to write some stupid crap to get rid of the sentence once and for all.


I seem to move on from level one basics to getting real world translations to do with vocabularly far beyond my actual skill level - I don't know whether I'm supposed to have a wild stab in the dark or what! - and I can't find any detailed help files. Some translations have greyed out answers - I don't know if I'm supposed to "improve" on them, but I won't be able to without employing a French teacher or spending an hour a week in the library. The practice stuff is really well structured and I was getting into it, but how are we meant to bridge the vocab gap between that and real world translations? I'm not surprised people type a lot of crap in. I'm a silver surfer and don't dare in case I break the internet. :D


You have a point.


I completely understand that people who just started with a new language have trouble with the translations. My translations usually aren't the best either, but at least you can make sense of the 3 solution suggestions, I guess.

My main criticism was that people, who are way more advanced in studies than I am, come up with correct sentences which just don't make any sense in the context. It doesn't take too much time to read the headline and the paragraph above yours so you get an idea what the text is about.

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