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Who says lingots are worthless? I find them very useful!

What is the point of lingots after you have bought the few goodies Duolingo offers?


Use 'em to recognize a wise or insightful post.
Use 'em to encourage a new learner.
Use 'em to congratulate someone's achievement.
Use 'em to thank someone who is a good influence on the forums, by trying to calm angry heads or reduce friction
Use 'em to thank someone who gave you a helpful answer.
Use 'em to highlight a post you like.
Use 'em as a friendly gesture to someone who is nice to you.
Use 'em to underscore your laughter at someone's funny post.
Use 'em because you love the link they posted.
Use 'em to give to Enigmatic Tiger because (s)he just posted another great picture.
The list goes on and on.

Now, I know that this means that, in the end, you won't be able to get rid of your lingots, because as you're shelling them out to others, other people are piling them on you. But you see, the point is not having lingots. The point is the action of giving and receiving lingots. Don't you feel great when five different people gave you lingots for a post you wrote? Whether your bank account holds 4,837 lingots, or 12, receiving them feels good. So share the good cheer. Start spreading them around.

People have said that the forums have lost their warmth. I think sharing more lingots is a step toward bringing it back. And what's more, we'll develop a positive example. So that the next time you get frustrated with a student who posts, "Give me lingots!" you can have an answer for them, instead of getting frustrated. You can tell them, "I was just given five lingots for encouraging someone on the forums. Go and do likewise."

3 years ago