"Du tør ikke!"

Translation:You do not dare!

April 7, 2015



What about 'Don't you dare!'?

April 7, 2015


I'd say that's more of an imperative than a statement.

(Fun fact: the imperative of 'dare' in Danish is 'turd'.)

May 7, 2015


Usually if the imperative is needed we use "vov" (which is also what we claim that dogs say when they bark). I wasn't even aware that there was an imperative form of turde in danish before I read your comment.

December 12, 2015


A better translation of the Danish is actually "You wouldn't dare!" or as a dare in itself: "haha, i bet you don't have the guts to do it."

If you want to say "Don't you dare!" you might say "Du kan lige vove (at gøre det)!" or "Du kan lige prøve (på det)!" which basically mean "Just you try it!" Just as in English the intention of that is as a warning even though it's technically phrased as a dare.

November 23, 2015


Yeah I thought 'Don't you dare' not sure why that is incorrect

May 10, 2015


It seems to me that that meaning is more like, "Det må du ikke!", "Gør det ikke! (Ellers fortæller jeg lærerinden/Mor)"

June 11, 2019


Hold min øl!

October 28, 2018


Isn't even closer to "I dare you!", implying that the person won't.

June 11, 2019
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