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Learn German---'Deutsch Welle' ist gut !

Bist du müde ? Are things too blurry ? More useful lessons to understand better :


Go there and click the 'serie 1' picture. Open a first window with the pdf (text of the lesson) and open a second window with the mp3 (sound of the lesson). If your English is good, you can also learn German with the help of this website !

September 8, 2013



I can also recommend the podcasts they offer, especially the "Langsam gesprochene Nachricnten" is really nice. Current news, but just read a bit slower than normally, so that non-natives can follow the sometimes not so straightforward language they often use :D

Also their "telenovela" for learners is pretty nice. It's a good way to learn some actual everyday spoken german: http://www.dw.de/deutsch-lernen/telenovela/s-13121 I especially like that you can download it with and without (german) subtitles.


Thanks for mentioning these two other options ...but personally, as I am concerned, I haven't been learning German at school so I definitely need to start from zero. Only the 'Deutsch : Warum Nicht ?' lessons are suitable for me today...Easier ! ...and I can also always rely on Duolingo to help me memorise key sentences step by step, of course.


As these and other excellent resources show up with some regularity, only to vanish off the bottom of the page within a day or so, it would be really helpful if there were a separate discussion area for German language resources.

By the way, in my experience Deutsche Welle (now called simply DW stands head and shoulders above all the rest. :-)


A special area where we could store all the useful resources ? According to me, your idea is very good ! If those resources are not commercial ones, of course.


Thank you, Joseph. Very helpful. I like the 'just relax and listen' concept.


Yes, I have noticed it too, I remember that...Anyhow, I think we also have to review the dialogs a lot afterwards, nonetheless, he, he. And, by the way, if there are some French people here, let me give them the French version of the method :


...so they will also be able to take benefit from a "warm and friendly voice" which sets the mind in a good mood for learning !


My other tools :

http://www.lexilogos.com/allemand_langue_dictionnaires.htm ( --> Larousse bilingual )

http://conjugueur.reverso.net/conjugaison-allemand-verbe-trinkt.html ( type any conjugated verb )

Das ist doch schon ganz gut, nicht wahr ? That is already good enough, isn't it ?


An interesting website : http://www.grimmstories.com/

For instance, to reach a German text with the corresponding audio :

http://www.grimmstories.com/de/grimm_maerchen/der_wolf_und_die_sieben_jungen_geisslein or http://www.grimmstories.com/language.php?grimm=074&l=de&r=en

Successfully tested in Firefox web browser. One big problem here though, the audio works on desktop PCs only. (because tablets can't read .ram audio files)

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