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"You need to do this yourselves."

Translation:Sizin bunu kendinizin yapması lazım.

April 7, 2015



What's interesting in this sentence is the following: First, I would have expected the sentence to be "sizin bunu kendiniz yapmanız lazım". Why? Because in the previous lazım examples, the verb has always been possessed by the subject (e.g. benim gitmem lazım, senin gelmen lazım, konuşmamız lazım". But here's it's not yapmanız, but yapma. Why is that?

Secondly, I didn't expect it to be kendinizin, but just kendiniz, since the previous examples for "his/her/myself" etc, didn't use the possessive form for the kendi. (e.g. "bunu kendiniz yapıyorsunuz" or "bunu kendiniz yapın!".)


"Sizin bunu kendiniz yapanız lazım" is how I would say this sentence.

The given translation feels extremely clumsy to me. If people say that, they should also have no problem with saying: "Benim bunu kendimin yapması lazım" and oh my god it sounds so bad. I don't think it's correct at all.

If we do it with all the persons, the sentence should look like the following:

Benim bunu kendim yapmam lazım.

Senin bunu kendin yapman lazım.

Onun bunu kendi(sinin) yapması lazım.

Bizim bunu kendimiz yapmamız lazım.

Sizin bunu kendiniz yapmanız lazım.

Onların bunu kendileri(nin) yapmaları lazım.

"kendi(si)" and "Kendisinin" both sound ok in this construction.


Thanks for the explanation. You gave the following sentence as an example for the 3rd person:

Onun bunu kendi(sinin) yapması lazım.

Why is there a possibility of using the kendi as a possessive, i.e. kendisinin? None of the examples use the kendi as a "possessor". In the third person example, what would it possess? Isn't the verb already possessed by the "Onun", i.e. "Onun yapması"?


benim yapmam, senin yapman, onun yapması, bizim yapmamız, sizin yapmanız, onların yapması....

likewise we can use the same structure with KENDİ pronoun

kendimin yapması, kendinin yapması, kendi(si)nin yapması, kendimizin yapması, kendinizin yapması, kendilerinin yapması

note that although we possess the word kendi with pronoun endings it's still a third person pronoun/element. like my car or your house. that's why we use yapması (third person gerund) with all of them.

we can also add personal adjectives at the beginning of kendi to make it sound more clear. it's especially useful to distinguish between 2nd and 3rd person singular kendinin which are exactly the same.

so.. benim kendimin yapması, senin kendinin yapması, onun kendi(si)nin yapması...

i hope it makes sense to use yapması with all of them. however we actually don't use kendi this way all the time. we generally prefer not to mix it in the structure, and use it SOLELY with pronoun endings as an adverb so that it means myself, yourself, himself as in english.

benim (kendim) yapmam, senin (kendin) yapman, onun (kendisi) yapması

it sounds much better and efficient


Would "Sizin bunu kendinizin yapması lazım." roughly translate to "Your doing-this-yourselves is needed."?


Good question. I'm not sure if I know the answer, but I will speculate.

I think that "kendisi" is used a lot as a pronoun, when referring to a 3rd person in a polite manner. "Kendisi şirketimizde müdürdür." (Himself (=he) is a director in our company.) So it is, by nature, a more frequent word than the rest of the conjugations of "kendi". And the fact that the next word ends in "-sı" makes us feel comfortable with adding a "-nin" to "kendisi", even though "yapması" is already paired with "onun".

We can't do it with the other persons as the moment we say "kendimin" or "kendinin", the following noun should also end in "-si", which brings us to the original sentence above that I called "clumsy".

I'm going to dare say that "kendisinin" is not very correct, since we don't do it with other persons, but it doesn't sound unidiomatic. Feel free to only use "kendi" in such cases, but be prepared to hear "kendisinin", too.


Sizin bunu kendiniz yapanız lazım. This sentence is accepted.
Unfortunately I do not remember the breakdown of 'yapanız'.

The only translation I found (and I remember) is 'you cannot make'.

Does anybody know?


Yapanız doesn't exist. If it's accepted, it's because duolingo allows minor typos. (Like the one I made in my 4-year-old explanation above). The correct form is yapmanız.


Ah, I see. Thank you!


Sentences like this are so difficult to wrap my mind around. Encountering it repeatedly, I memorize the answer, but don't feel like I've actually really gotten it. Is it possible to restructure the sentence with the "bunu" either before "sizin" or after "kendinizin"?


bunu kendi kendinize yapmaniz gerekiyor i think this is same as kendi kendime yaparim i do myself


Can it be ''Sizin bunu kendinizin yapmaniz lazım'' ?


Why is it wrong to write "Senin bunu kendinin yapmasi lazim."?


"Yapması" is wrong! It should be written as,"Sizin bunu kendiniz yapmanız lazım". OR "Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız".


I'm really frustrated with the gerunds and didn't find good explanations to help me. Any links anyone?


Im not entirely convinced my answer is wrong: kendiniz yapmanız lazım

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