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  5. "I need some good advice."

"I need some good advice."

Translation:Eu preciso de um bom conselho.

December 19, 2012



People, this isn't a direct translation. In English, "advice" is a non-count noun which we tend to use "some" with. While in Portuguese, "conselho" is a count noun, which many just as for "um conselho."


"Eu necessito de um bons conselhos" is wrong! And although "Eu preciso de um bom conselho" is grammatically correct, here it's also wrong. "Some good advice" is plural.

The correct solution is "Eu necessito/preciso de bons conselhos:"


‘ "Some good advice" is plural. ’

No, it isn't. ‘Advice’ is a mass noun to begin with and ‘some’ isn't used here in the sense of ‘an unknown number of’ but in the sense ‘in some sense not yet known, unknown or unspecified’. If you want to translate it, use ‘algum’ with the singular.

But in this sentence, ‘some’ is primarily there to contrast with ‘I need good advice.’ which would imply the speaker already has bad advice and isn't content with it.


Why is it "um" and not "uns" when the translation is some?


Wondering the same thing. This doesn't seem right to me.


why is it "de um" instead of "dum" here?



"Conselho" = advice; board (group of people); council (group of people); counsel (advice or a group of lawyers).

"Concelho" = administrative division of territorry. It is common in Portugal.

  • Both "conselho" and "concelho" have the same spelling.
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