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  5. "Você é popular."

"Você é popular."

Translation:You are popular.

September 8, 2013



Doesn't "popular" mean popular as well as famous?


Well, Famoso=Famous, Popular=Popular, I don't see a very significant difference though...


I don't know about in Brazil or Portugal, but there's something of a distinction in the US. A popular person has all the makings of a famous person usually, they're charming or talented, but they might not be known for anything particular. And likewise a famous person may fall out of favor, losing their popularity, but they're still famous because they're recognizable.

Famous & Popular: World famous Pop Star

Just Famous: Disgraced athlete

Just Popular: Attractive or funny classmates


How come it is not "voce sao popular" ?


Then, the pronoun and adjective have to be in plural too = vocês são populares

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