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  5. "Doktor hastanede."

"Doktor hastanede."

Translation:The doctor is at the hospital.

April 8, 2015



If it was I am at the hostpital it would be Ben Hatanedeyim. Why do we not have the same suffix (but 3rd person) when we're talking about the doctor?


because that's the conjugation for 1st person singular and the "to be" suffix for 3rd person singular does not exist.

please read the tips and notes for the "to be" skill


It sais in there, this for 3rd, person singular

3) The suffix -DIr is used to clarify any ambiguity, emphasize, or state facts. This both follows 4-way vowel harmony and has consonant harmony; ‘d’ changes to ‘t’ after the following consonants (p ç t k s ş h).

Does that mean it does exist, but you only uses it if there's is going to be ambiguity?


not even especially for ambiguity problems, we use it really rarely. -DIr is used mainly for facts (Kan kırmızıdır-blood is red). Using it in other kind of sentences is really weird. We also use it for making a guess but we don't really explain this in the course. For example:

  • Who do you think is the new girlfriend of Gordon?
  • Bence Ayşe'dir (I think it is Ayşe)
  • Hayır bence Elif'tir (No, I think it is Elif)

in general, avoid using it a lot except for "encyclopedic knowledge"


Burada "is" kullanmasak olmaz mı ne gibi bir eksiklik olur


I would use IN the hospital for patients and AT the hospital for visitors or workers. Is there a mechanism for distinguishing between these uses in the locative?


I would say "Hastaneye gittiler" for visitors, "Hastaneye yattı" for a patient...


It's nice who such a long english sentence translates into two turkish words


What is the difference between hastanede and hastanededir??


I see why we do not use -dir, but couldn't it be right as well to translate: "the doctor at the hospital" ?


From what I've learned, I'm guessing "the doctor at the hospital" would be "hastanedeki doktor"? "ki" indicates that whatever comes before it acts like an adjective and modifies the noun after it.


Thank you for your answer!


Why it is "the doctor's in the hospital not doctor?


"the doctor's" can mean "the doctor is." It is a contraction.


could we say "at" the hospital ???

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