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  5. "Wir sehen fünf Filme."

"Wir sehen fünf Filme."

Translation:We are watching five movies.

September 9, 2013



You are going to have a massive headache.


It is confusing. There is very clear difference in English between the words "to see" and "to watch"/"to look". But now it seams that in German you are allowed to use the verb "sehen" insted of "anschauen". Is it really like this that in German you can use the verb "sehen" both for seeing and for looking or am I missing something?


Hm, had to think a bit about that, to be honest XD Then I realised, that part of it is due to duo slacking a bit in their German grammar, I would say, because the sentence should actually be "wir sehen (uns) fünf Filme an". "anschauen" und "ansehen" are pretty much interchangeable in German. But in reality, people can actually say "wir sehen fünf Filme", because, well, that's how reality works, nowadays a lot of people want to shorten their sentences by every means possible, which in return is changing the language, but then, that's how things go.


...you can say "we're going to see a movie (at the cinema later today etc.)" in English, and in fact I probably wouldn't use watch with the parenthetical additions, although it would mean the same thing. To "to look at movies" ("at" since look isn't transitive), I would attribute an entirely different meaning, that you are considering which to buy or watch. Still an interesting question though.


So is this an example of the German present tense sometimes indicating future intent? Cause I think the vast majority of people only watch 1 movie at a time, not 5...


Just tell me: who watches five movies at the same time?


*think not doubt

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I believe the sentence might also mean that you see at once 5 films - meaning: physical supports, as in "5 films on a Blockbuster shelf" or the like.


Where in the world, a movie theater will show 5 movies at the same screen?


Are the "v" and the "f" sounds different in german?


the "v" can sound either like a "f" or like a "w".


Just to clarify for the sake of learners, like a German "w" and not an English "w".


Does Duolingo accept 5 instead of five


So it's okay to translate "watching movies" as "sehen Filme"?


If the verb form fits the subject, yes.


U mean,at once?


I used, "We are viewing five films". DL says it's wrong ????


Some serious bingeing


I was thinking this sentence needs an 'an' if you are to 'look at' or 'watch' with out it are you just staring at flashing lights on a wall!!!


What about "Wir sehen uns fünf Filme an."?

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