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"The colors of the flag are red and white."

Translation:As cores da bandeira são vermelho e branco.

September 9, 2013



Why are vermelho and branco used here instead of vermelha and branca?


here it was taken in general sense, but the feminine way also works...


Should I report for the feminine colours not being accepted


This is accepted as of 12 Aug 2020


!What! "As cores" is feminine plural, so I thought the colours red and white should also be feminine plural, not masculine singular. Am I going mad? (Don't answer that.) If we paraphrase the question to "the colours of the flag are A red and A white" then I can accept they are singular, but "the colours" and "the flag" are both feminine, so as PalookaSheffield said, why use the masculine form instead of the feminine form?


Colors in general are used in masculine form. Here you have a linking verb "são", so the colors are not related to the nouns "cores" or "bandeira".


For example, would "As maçãs são vermelhas e verdes" be correct, or "As maçãs são vermelho e verde"?

  • As maçãs são vermelhas e verdes = you have lots of red and green apples.
  • As maçãs são vermelha e verde = you have one red apple and one green apple.


Paulenrique, so would - "As cores da maça são vermelho e amarelho." Be correct?


Yes, it is also right.


thank you! Once again you help me to understand :o)


Paulenrique, thank you so much for all the help you give! It helps a lot.


I put 'vermelha e branca' and was marked wrong, but below it seems to suggest that it should be accepted. I thought that because 'colour' and 'flag' are both feminine, that was what should be used.


Why not brancos e vermelhos

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