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  5. "Je vais bien."

"Je vais bien."

Translation:I'm doing well.

September 9, 2013



I wrote "I am going well" but it wasn't accepted. "I am going well" is something that people say in Australian English (and curiously it's the literal translation as well), but I don't know if it's technically correct . . .


I am from England and agree with you. Maybe it isn't as commonly used as "I'm fine/good/well" etc. but it can be used. Equally, one could replace "I am" with "it is" or "things are" depending on context. I feel like it should be accepted. Sometimes it is easier to learn the literal translation as it makes remembering French expressions easier.


I am Irish. I did "I'm well" and I was correct.


In Canada and US we say "it is going well." I've never heard "I am going well." It seems so unnatural and wrong to me.


That's funny that it sounds unnatural. Now I think of it I can hear north American's saying "How ya doin'?" when we would say "How's it goin'?"


We would say that in New Zealand too - and that would appear to be the literal French translation


I wrote the same. I agree that it's everyday usage in Australian English!


I agree, I've put it forward as an answer to be considered, it makes so much literal sense! Ca va...?? I mean come on :P.


Yeah we say that in the Caribbean too. At least where I am from.


I did the same thing. I thought it was the literal translation and acceptable Australian English....


The translation of "I'm going well" is "Je vais bien" !


Ana, Isn't it interesting that we use going as the French do. I think we got it from England though.
How's it goin?


"I'm doing well."

"Je vais bien."


Can you say "Je suis bien"?


"Je suis bien" translates roughly to you being good in bed


Wait really, how?


Thst makes no sense.


good question.... I don't know, but it makes more sense than Je vais bien. If we simply have to know it's an idiom, sense be damned.


In modern use the impression of "I'm fine" (English) is fairly lukewarm/apathetic, and I mostly hear it used passive aggressively by people who are not actually 'fine.' Is this the case in French?


I heard je veux bien !


In South Africa we say Go well. So not sure why "I am going well" is not accepted


Why is vais (going) used instead of suis (am)?


What's the difference between "Je vais bien" and "ça va bien"?


Les deux peuvent se dire pour répondre à la question « Comment vas-tu ? » mais (Je vais bien) est plus correct que (ça va bien) le mieux est « Je vais bien, merci. »


I wrote this when they wanted us to translate I'm doing well to french and i got it wrong, now that we need to do it backwards its correct, that's like saying that 5 + 6 is 11 and getting it wrong but saying that 6 + 5 is also 11 and this time you get it right


just out of question. "je vais bien" also means i am good. why can't we say "je suis bien"?


I think it's because it sounds boastful. Kinda like boasting about what a good person you are. If you get what I mean. But that's just what I think because i once said the same thing in a different language and the teacher told me it sounds boastful.


In canada, i am going well does not flow well. I am doing well or it is going well is how we'd say it in our language. Interesting how it's said so differently elsewhere!


"Je suis bien" : the meaning can be "I am a good man/woman"...if you use it as "I am fine" you put some other words after, and it is more a satisfaction for a special time : je suis bien dans mon bain (in my bath), dans mon lit (in my bed) or right now. It is not a generality.


In spanish we roughly say it the same and to translate to english is mor like "It's going well for me"....and "je suis bien" would translate as "I am good at..."


could you say "je fais bien" beginner


Without doubt, How are you going came to the antipodes from France and England.

Because of American media influence, here, in the antipodes, the under-fifties tend to use doing but the overs are faithful to going IMO.


As an American, well over 50, I can report that neither I nor any American I know has ever asked "How are you going?" However my husband, who spent 35 years working in Australia, says it all the time.


It is very helpful thank you ☺️


Why wasn't "I am fine" accepted?


What's the difference between "ça va bien" and "je vais bien"?

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