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  5. "Mettono il pane sul tavolo."

"Mettono il pane sul tavolo."

Translation:They put the bread on the table.

September 9, 2013



Why is just bread not accepted? There have been several examples so far where the article has been optional in the translation. For example: l'acqua and acqua are used interchangeably and the translation can either include "the" or not


I think they use 'il pane' to insure clarification that it is not plural breads. Because 'pane' can be used to mean breads. Perhaps Italians use the definite article 'il' a bit differently than we would use 'the' in english. For instance 'the table' must be described with 'the' in this sentence, we couldn't say 'they put the bread on table,' it has to be 'the' table. Maybe saying 'il pane' matters for some reason. An example I thought of: they would say 'i pesci' to indicate plural fish. The same is true for hair, they would say 'i capelli' wherein we would simply say 'hair'.


Why is it tavolO and not tavolA? A few examples back he put the plate on the tavolA...same context, right?


Kristine - I think they are using tavolo here because il pane is masculine so "tavolo"


I think you are right. The tips did say it's "tavola" when connected with eating. (But we weren't offered "tavola" as a choice)


WHY CANT I PUT "ON TO THE TABLE"? Last one to pass...


Placing instead of putting ought to be acceptable.

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