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Lingots for progress tracking

Hi everyone!

We have a problem in the main forum. Every day there are new posts by kids begging for lingots. I didn't really understand what lies behind this begging, but here's an example that explains it all: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7991459

Apparently, this kid's teacher is measuring the students' progress by the number of lingots!

If anyone of you is using lingots to track progress or considers to do so, please, PLEASE don't! This only leads to more lingot beggars on the forum.

Thanks for reading.

April 8, 2015



And while we're making suggestions, here's another one to consider: please keep reminding your students that Duolingo is NOT a social media site, and that spamming the forum is an abuse of the privilege of learning languages for free.


It's also an easy 100 because some people actually give them lingots.

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