"De natuur hier is mooi."

Translation:The nature here is beautiful.

3 years ago



I find the use of "The nature" very awkward.

In (UK) English I tend to use "Nature" without an article. For example "nature is beautiful". If I wanted to talk about natural things I would use something more specific: the wildlife; the countryside; the environment; the woods; the wild outdoors...

Do English speakers from other countries (or other parts of the UK) use "the nature" or is it something that translates badly if you do so literally? I know that Dutch people are always talking about "de natuur" (usually meaning somewhere where there are paved cycle paths but no cars or houses).

1 year ago


I quite agree. As a native English (UK) speaker I would never say 'the nature' in a sentence like this. And Duo isn't consistent - in a previous English to Dutch translation, the correct answer said 'nature' (NOT 'the nature') had to be translated as 'de natuur'

1 year ago


Why is the verb on the third place in Dutch?

1 year ago

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It's not, De natuur hier is one subject.

1 year ago
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