"Resulta evidente."

December 19, 2012


Is this along the lines of "it seems obvious"?

December 28, 2012

"It proves evident" is unintelligible

Do you need the word 'it'? When people say 'Seems evident' the word 'it' is usually not spoken...

In everyday English a lot of people would leave out "it." Most of us would say, "Seems obvious." though. I've never heard anybody say "Seems evident."

I have heard people say, "Well, that's evident."

Usually said in in an exaggerated voice when something obvious is pointed out.

this is a lame translation. why is the phrase not resulta esta evidente?

apparently, resulta is a verb, meaning "it results or it seems"

"Turns out it's obvious" should be correct

Similarly, "it appears evident" and "it appears obvious" could probably also be accepted.

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