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Vocabulary practice isn't working right

The Spanish vocabulary practice is doing what it was doing a couple of weeks ago. When I attempt to practice words, I only get the same few sentences with the same words repeated over and over, then it puts words in that have not been introduced previously, so the practice essentially becomes another lesson.

Is there a way to keep the latest skill's words on the practice list, or to require more use of the words committed to "long-term memory" before they are considered as such and removed from practice? I think it should take more than five or so uses of a word in only a few minutes to be committed even to mid-term memory. This would help to keep the words in the practice rotations. (Perhaps 20-30 uses over a period of at least a few days before being "long-term" memorization - especially more difficult and nuanced words.)

I put a lot of emphasis on practice, especially when reaching skills that each introduce dozens of new words in them. At this point, the practice isn't serving its purpose - mostly because I can't practice what I need to.

December 19, 2012

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Everyone wants to practice slightly differently, and satisfying everyone is difficult to do. At the moment we require you wait some amount of time before we give that word to you again in practice. We always strive to satisfy our user requests and will keep your feedback in mind when we tweak our algorithms.

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