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  5. "Tá sé tuirseach anois."

" tuirseach anois."

Translation:He is tired now.

April 8, 2015



In Ulster at least, it is more common to say "Tá tuirseach orm" for "I am tired" than the alternative.


I was told in school that you could not say "Tá sé tuirseach", that this was akin to saying "He is tiredness". We were taught to always use "Tá tuirse air" etc. Was I incorrectly informed?


The FGB entries for tuirseach show that it can be either a noun or an adjective (the noun meaning “a tired person” rather than “tiredness”, which is tuirse), and the NEID entry for “tired” shows that either Tá tuirse air or Tá sé tuirseach can be used for “he’s tired” — literally “Tiredness is on him” or “He is a tired person” (noun)/“He is tired” (adjective) respectively.

Perhaps the intention at your school was that one shouldn’t say Tá sé tuirse, which would be “He is tiredness”.


Thank you very much. That clears a up a 20 year old misconception on my part!


Could he is now tired also be acceptable?


shouldn't "now he is tired" be accepted?


Always heard it said Tá tuirseach orm

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