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Another little glich.

French. Lesson 3 of Verbs Infinitive 2. "Soon they will shoot" Corrects as 'Bientot ils vont tirer' When 'Bientot elles vont tirer' is also correct.

September 9, 2013



FYI : When you find an error Report it to Duolingo through the dedicated button in the exercise's page. Or, if you're already out of the exercise, or already at the next question, use the "Support" button on the left of every page.

That's the best way to report an error to the Duo Team.


That is the main weakness of this site. The higher level in the language, the more inacccurate sentences/translations you get. And if you work from a mobile device, you cannot event report them. I sent Duolingo a message but no answer yet.


Yes velouba. It's a great piece of software and is especially useful to find out what 'holes' you have in your understanding of the language but it is particularly annoying if you have to go back to the beginning of a lesson because a fault in the programming. I guess it's likely we're being used as fault finders!


Try as I might I cannot find the button you mention either on my admittedly rather old PC because the new wide format overlaps the edges of my screen OR on my Apple iPad! (It's simply not there)


Well, the Support button may not exist (for the moment?), on iPad App : I don't know I only use it on computers.

But you still have (at least on your computer) the option - for next errors/omissions you'll find - to report it during the exercise.

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