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"Vil du ikke lave en sandwich til mig?"

Translation:Will you not make me a sandwich?

April 8, 2015



"Vil du ikke lave en sandwich til mig?" is a perfectly natural sentence in Danish, but the word 'ikke' puzzles many foreigners. You can interpret the "ikke" as a request: 'Vil du ikke lade være med at slå mig' (would you please not beat me). So, Duo is wrong in putting the 'not' into the English sentence. 'Will you make me a sandwich, please' would be my best translation (as a native Dane).


Er "Would you mind making..." og "Would you like to make..." gode oversættelser?


Dette er også en dårlig oversættelse, da man ikke vil anvende "not". Man ville nok hellere anvende "Do you mind" = "Vil du ikke"


So, Will you not make a sandwich for me ? is wrong ?


No, it is correct.


Hey Duo, why not teach us about the Danish smørrebrød instead of sandwiches??

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