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  5. "Kitap hakkında ne diyorsun?"

"Kitap hakkında ne diyorsun?"

Translation:What do you say about the book?

April 8, 2015



Why is book not in accusative case here? Isn't kitap a definite object here?


It is not. It is the object of a postposition. When nouns have a postposition, you have to learn the case that goes with it (with hakkında, it stays in the nominative)


how come we still say "bu onun hakkinda = this is about him" ?


Because some prepositions change to the genitive case if combined with pronouns


No. Object in this sentence is "ne".


I wanted to note that "What are you saying about the book" is also (not surprisingly) an accepted solution. If the meaning of the sentence concerns ideas about its contents, or even more physical things like its dimensions, then this translation using the present progressive sounds more natural to me. (We could also say, "What did you think of the book" to elicit reactions from the person we're speaking to (who presumably read it), and the meaning would be about the same.) On the other hand, "What do you say about the book?" could also have a quite different meaning, such as, "Should we donate it to the library?" or "Do you want to buy it?" With such meanings as these, it's this "What do you say" version, and not the "What are you saying" version, that's more likely to be used. So say my U.S.-American ears, at least.


I don't understand why it is "kitap hakkinda" in this sentence but in another "Kimin hakkinda?" Does hakkinda go with nominative or genitive case? Is it a matter of context?


All pronouns except "onlar" take the genitive with it. Otherwise, it takes the nominative :)


Could you say "hakkında ne dersin" here as well?


Dersin is more like what would you say than diyorson which is more like what do you say.


Guys, how could I say: "What book are you talking about?" (thank ya) :* ®


Hangi kitab hakkında konuşuyorsun?


Sorry, you are right ))


Could someone break this down for me word by word. Will give linglots. Thanks


Well, if lingots are involved -- : )

Kitap - hakkında - ne - diyorsun?

(The) book - about - what - are you saying?

For a discussion of hakkında and other "postpositions":


I thought this said something like "The book is about what you're saying?"

I find it strange how it is "what you say" even though it has "iyor" in it suggesting it would be "saying" i.e. continious present tense and not simple present tense. But I guess you are asking about what they would currently say about the book and not what they typically say about the book?


"The book is about what you're saying": Kitap senin dediğin (şey) hakkında. you need to learn -idik suffix for that, it is down the tree.

And the tense thing is because of different usages in both languages. In Turkish "kitap hakkında ne dersin?" is weird in my opinion, "ne dersin" is a phrase used for example for asking for a suggestion. "Sinemaya gidelim mi, ne dersin?" (Shall we go to the cinema, what do you say?)

In English of course one can use "what are you saying" and we accept it, but it is more appropriate to use "what do you say" to ask for the opinion like here


Aha fair enough, that makes much more sense now. Thanks alot.


I asked this question because can't really undestand why Present Continuous Simple Tense was used here. If it is about having a certain opinion about this book, I do have it now but have it as well tomorrow =) so that is why I asked about "dersin" being suitable as well


"What are you saying about books?"

Is this wrong?


"Kitap hakkında ne diyorsun?" Translation: What do you say about the book?

What are you saying about the book? - My answer (correct)

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