"Cinco por siete es treinta y cinco."

Translation:Five times seven is thirty five.

December 19, 2012

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Learn Math and Spanish at once!!


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@bryan English too.


i bet they marked it wrong. I had the same thing and it was wrong.


Yes, because "Five times seven is thirty five." is not the same as "5 times 7 is 35". This program should decide whether it accepts numbers written in numeric form or not, beacuse now it just seems like it sometimes does, and other times does not.


Yes you are right. It would be great if it was changed in a consistent way. Currently, that's why I always type numbers in writing form and never in numeric form.


It's better to type the written way, remembering a number is easy and simple, and the same in most languages


They accept it now


five multiplied by seven is thirty five


yes , also five multiplied by seven equals thirty five -they should accept these answers!!


Native speakers: how accurate is this phrase? My guess is that it literally translates as " five by seven is thirty five. I google this and found "Cinco veces siete es igual a treinta y cinco." The latter sounds like something a mathematics teacher might say?!?!?! Fun puzzle.


I'm not native, but I've heard it pronounced by several different native speakers and it seems to vary based on region.

I've heard all three of the following, in descending order of frequency:

  • «Cinco por siete es treinta y cinco»
  • «Cinco por siete son treinta y cinco»
  • «Cinco por siete es igual a treinta y cinco»

None of these should be particularly surprising as we do the same thing in English.

  • "Five times seven equals 35"
  • "Five times seven is 35"
  • "Five times seven are 35" (I personally find this one inaccurate, but nevertheless there are some speakers who use it)
  • "Five times seven is equal to 35"

Something else you might try is going to Youtube and searching for «tablas de multiplicar». That should yield some videos aimed at children with native speakers pronouncing it.


Very helpful, Mikey. My Spanish teacher here in Ecuador said yesterday that multiplication sentences were translated as , "número más número." That didn't make any sense, but I remembered that DL had this multiplication sentence. So, this morning, I reviewed Numbers and found it. I'm with you about "son," but I'll ask native speakers I know here. Thanks too for the idea about tablas de multiplicar. I would be surprised if there aren't mucho videos.


Glad to help. Also, «número más número"» is for addition. That is to say that 2 + 3 = 5 is said «Dos más tres [es/son/es iqual a] cinco».

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It makes sense if you say "five sevens are thirty five. "


Wow, the discussion here is giving me flashbacks to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9H_KLaDMfs&t=0m52s



Wrong! Five by seven is not 30 five in English.


goal posts move again... get the answers amended to be consistent!!!!!!!!!!


Por (by) so its saying exactly this.. five by seven is thirty and five.


Think this diez y seis. Ten and six which is 16


Por is used in Spanish to also mean "times" as a multiplier. It is one of the word "por" translations.

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