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audio vs text - in practice excercises


need some suggestions...i m doing good when i glance/read a Spanish sentence and translate into English. but when i am presented with an audio, i m not up to the mark.

if any of you had similar problem...how did you improve your listening skills, i want to speak spanish :( more than just read/write.

can we request a feature, where only audio or majority of the practice exercises are audio based?

September 9, 2013



When an audio clip is offered in an exercise, whether by itself or with a written sentence or phrase, I often listen to the audio clip a number times, repeating the sentence aloud, and listening and repeating again when needed, until I can match Miss DL's pronunciation. Sometimes it takes a number of times for each, but I've found that it's getting easier to understand words I've practiced before. I use the phone app almost exclusively for my exercises, so I'm not sure if it is the same on the computer.


hey thanks. yeah i do use duolingo on the computer. i have a windows phone and duolingo app isn't there yet for that. i for sure will try the way you suggested...am sure if i persist and listen the audio while taking a skill lesson or practice exercise..

if only audio clip is provided...i do hear it multiple times and i eventually get it. but when the text is provided with audio option...since the sentences are too small...by the time i click the audio button...i read the sentence visually :S

thanks again...


I agree with tfagan.

I'm a visual learner, so I just accept that I'm going to be slower with the auditory tasks. But, I, also, verbalize all of the Duolingo sentences, so that I'm always practicing speech.

That turtle button (slow speech) is a life saver for me. I also strive to fill in as much of the sentence that I can before I click on the turtle. I strive to only use the turtle as a self-check, but believe me, sometimes, I'm pressing the turtle button over and over and over.

Also, I try to supplement Duolingo with auditory sources such as Spanish television, youtube, and Pimsleur courses, etc.


thanks Salxandra.

yeah slow speech definitely helps. and is very much needed for me when i come across "Usted es" and "Ustedes" kind of words. i tried to watch some short clips on youtube which mostly are subtitled in english (beats the purpose). i need to practice even harder and hang in there, i believe, to get the overall sound/vibe of the spanish accent to be able to pick up stuff from youtube etc.

it feels great to be part of this community. appreciate your response. thank you.

btw 57 day streak...impeccable :) keep it going!!

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