"It is ours."

Translation:Het is van ons.

3 years ago



Am I wrongly annoyed when I think this should be "It is for us" isn't "van" "for" in english :)?

2 years ago


ive done this so many times on here now...

5 months ago


Does anyone know when to use ons/onze?

3 years ago

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There are three ways to use ons/onze (possibly more, but these are the most important ones):

  • When using ons/onze as a possessive pronoun before a noun (like you would say "our" in English), it depends on what kind of noun it is:

Nouns with "de" get "onze". Examples: onze banaan, onze lamp, onze ogen.

Nouns with "het" get "ons". Examples: ons huis, ons boekje, ons bed.

  • Ons can also be used like "us" in English. Examples: hij geeft ons een banaan (he gives us a banana), ze brengen ons naar huis (they're bringing us home), vertel ons waar het geld is (tell us where the money is). Onze cannot be used for this.

  • The last possibility is using ons like you would use "ours" in English. Generally, you would translate "ours" as "van ons". Examples: het is van ons (it's ours), de banaan is van ons (the banana is ours). As El2theK said, you can also use "onze" for this, but then the construction becomes slightly different.

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You could use "onze" here, it would only be "Het is de onze" then and not "Het is van onze"

3 years ago


onze vs ons?

2 years ago


Why not only " het is ons" ?

4 months ago
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