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Why many People don't rate my translations?

April 9, 2015

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That's a really broad question and no way for us to really answer it exactly.

Since your translation tiers are so low, it's not the case that people are rating but their own tiers are below yours. So we can rule that out.

Enthusiasm for translations can peter out, with translated (and rated) sentences most common for the first few paragraphs, then maybe a handful of sentences in the end, and nothing in between. If your sentences are in the middle, then people are getting bored before they get to yours.

People don't always downvote sentences and might skip them when they can't judge. If your sentences are very similar to Google translate's or are not grammatically correct or fluid-sounding, then people might be skipping them and letting someone else have an opinion. Similarly, a really complex sentence might be too intimidating for the reader. Even though you took a game crack at it, everyone else might feel like they can't really assess your translation.

If your articles don't have a lot of sentences that have been rated, then...maybe it's the article. Too boring, too long, too complex in language, that sort of thing.

You might be interested in joining a translation group, where people pool their resources and enthusiasm to translate and rate each others' translations. I don't know any for your target language (is that the French flag? I know there are a few that look similar) but you can ask in that forum.

Good luck!

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