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  5. "Bira ve domates"

"Bira ve domates"

Translation:Beer and tomato

April 9, 2015



Why isn't "tomatoes" an acceptable translation for "domates" in this case? Wouldn't that be a correct translation of the word in, for example, "Sen domates yersin"?


that's completely different. In that case we use the singular form, although English uses plural, just because you cannot often use an indefinite plural object in a sentence. This does not mean that "domates" is both plural and singular. Similarly, we say "five tomato (beş domates)", while you say "five tomatoes"; this doesn't again mean tomatoes=domates. It is context dependent.

Here, "bira ve domatesler" is totally valid in Turkish so it makes no sense to translate "Bira ve domates" as "beer and tomatoes"


Got it! Teşekkürler :)


But what if I eat just one tomato? Is it still domates?


If you care that it is only one tomato, it would be "bir domates", I think. As pointed out above, domates is already singular, which is the numerus for a (grammatical) object in Turkish. That is what you use, whether there is actually one (physical) object or several instances, as long as you do not care if it is one or more.


Yes i wrote tomatoes and they say that tomatoes is wrong


What's with all that beer and wine, lol?


beer and wine is drunk by many in turkey


Attention, the final -s in domates does not indicate it's plural, I have a feeling this may be a false friend for some English speakers. .


I think the issue is that "Beer and Tomato" doesn't make sense as a sentence. The english would need something to quantify the number of tomatoes.


You cannot say "and tomato"! You can say "and one tomato" or "and the tomato" or "and tomatoes" or "and tomato soup", but not "and tomato"!


the pronunciation of DOMATES is just a disaster


The audio, at least on slow, sounds very like bizha rather than bira. Is this a technical glitch, or is it a peculiarity of Turkish pronunciation?


I hear no such thing :) It sounds like a slightly funky /r/ but it is definitely an /r/ sound. :)


Thanks - but odd. It must be a peculiarity of my set-up then. It's OK on normal speed.


It is Turkish pronunciation, my Tutkish friend says so.


This combination of words does NOT make any sense and does NOT help one to remember! How about puting words together ina sentence that makes sense? Thank you!!!


İğrenç bir seslendirme


I am correct this app is good for learning


If you tap on "domates" in this exercise, the translation provided shows both "tomato" and "tomatoes". So how can it be argued that the plural is incorrect?


it should be fine to translate it into tomatoes, without it being lar


Why is tomatoes a hint if it's not accepted? This isn't right.


If singular, they should have said bir domates


دسته او منداس


I am a Muslim and beer and wine is not allowed in my religion


You still need to know the name of beer and wine to avoid taking it ^_^


Who even likes beer? Unless you do like it. I wonder if it tastes gross does it well I don't know all I know is it's odd and I don't really like it I really don't like it at all it's a weird and I don't know what it is but beer it's so gross like the grossest thing in the world to me. Who else can stand it well my sister's boyfriend did it


That's ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ wrong. It should be: Beer and tomatoes, cuz "domates" is plural maan...!!!


domatesler is the plural form. domates is singular.

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