"Macaristan'a neden gidiyorsun?"

Translation:Why are you going to Hungary?

April 9, 2015



Macarca öğrenmek istiyorum çünkü

April 9, 2015


So you can put çünkü at the end of a sentence?

May 31, 2018


If you use "çünkü" like that you need to write an explanation after that word;

Macarca öğrenmek istiyorum çünkü Macarca'yı seviyorum. (I want to learn Hungarian because I love Hungarian)

Macarca öğrenmek istiyorum çünkü eşim Macar. (I want to learn Hungarian because my wife is Hungarian)

But if you use "çünkü" before the sentence this sentence be a explanation like;

-Macaristan'a neden gidiyorsun? (Why do you go to Hungary)

-Çünkü Macarca öğrenmek istiyorum. (Because i want to learn Hungarian)

August 27, 2018



No - Hayir mümkün değil. Sen çok kolay aldanirsin?.

No - not possible & you are very gullible. My English translation is not accurate but you should understand what I said.

Macarca öğrenmek istiyorum çünkü

"I want to learn Hungarian because" - incomplete sentence.

March 7, 2019


why "neden" is in the middle of the sentence not in the end ?

October 16, 2017


because the verb must come at the end

October 26, 2017
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