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XP to Spanish course while translating into Italian

Hi everyone! I have just noticed that I was given some XP for the Spanish course, while I was translating from English to Italian. As you probably know, you can't switch from one course to another easily if the languages by means of which you are learning are different (i.e. I am Italian, and I have activated the course of English for Italian speakers, then I've got Spanish for English speakers: it's not immediate to switch from one course to the other). Well, instead of changing the course before, I have opened the document to be translated passing through the tab "Immersion - My uploads" (but the same happens if you pass through the notification "Someone edited your translation in X"). The result was that, instead of having XP charged on my English-Italian course, they were charged in the Spanish-English one.

Can someone fix this problem? Thanks in advance.

April 9, 2015


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