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"Ele vai até o carro vê os pneus vazios."

December 19, 2012



Sorry about that, even though there seems to be a confusion about "vê" and "ver" among Brazilian people, now I see what's wrong is the original sentence. It lacks an "e" (and) before "vê".


yes, I agree. I think the sentence should be "Ele vai até o carro e vê os pneus vazios." but, like you also wrote, you could say ""Ele vai até o carro ver os pneus vazios." Although similar in form, the sentences have different meanings. In the first, he saw the flat tires after going to the car. In the second, he went to the car with the purpose of seeing the flat tires.


I'm not 100% sure about this since I'm from Portugal, but I would say "vê" should be "ver". If so, this probably happened because in Brazil, they sound the same.

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