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How can students track their own lessons, skills and XPs?

I get a summary of all of these as their teacher, so I posed an end of the year challenge to accomplish a certain number of lessons, skills completed and XPs gained-- only to find out they don't have this information readily available?! Do I really need to do a print off every day/week? Half the fun of a challenge is knowing where you stand (and also where you stand in comparison to others!)

April 9, 2015



Most of this information is available on the students' home page. I have posted screen shots of my home page below.

My level is circled in red. My XP for the day and for the week are circled in green. "0/1 xp gained" means that my coach is set to 1 XP per day, and that today I have not yet earned any XP. The line graph, also circled in green, shows how many XP I have earned each day this week.

In the blue circle you can see how many hours I have left in the Duo day; I have to earn enough XP to meet my goal before this time runs out if I want to keep my streak alive. This is really important because the Duo day does not always end at a sensible time, so you can't assume that you have until midnight to make your goal. It is also important to notice what your daily goal is set to. If you have it set to 50 XP instead of 1 like I do, you could earn 45 XP and still lose your streak.


If streaks are important to your students, in addition to paying attention to the home page where it shows XP for today, daily goal, and hours left to meet your goal, they should pay attention to their streak indicator. If they have not yet met their goal for the day it will be a flame with a number beside it:


After they earn enough XP for the day to meet their daily goal, the flame will get a green check mark beside it, and their "0/1 xp gained" will change to say "7/1 goal reached" or similar.


When you complete a skill set, the icon for that skill set turns gold. When you ignore them for a while, they get colorful again, which means it's time to practice them:


As you work your way through the tree, you can see how many lessons are inside the upcoming skill sets, and how much work you have to do before your current skill set is completed. The screen shot below shows I am currently working on Passé Composé and I have done 8 out of 9 lessons in the skill set. The next two skill sets have 9 and 5 lessons in them, respectively:


Some people have the ability to see on their home page how many XP they need to earn before they get to the next level. Some don't. This feature is currently being A/B tested. If you don't have that feature, just go to this comment: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6155294 and click "Duocheck". You'll get a pop-up that tells you how many XP you have in your courses and how far to the next level:



What a wonderfully complete explanation of the Duolingo home page!! Perhaps it should be added to the Duolingo wiki?

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