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Strengthening lessons

What is the requirement for getting gold bars for strenghening lessons?

I can take 25 questions to finish a lesson and get an increase from 3/5 to 4/5 but other times, I get the questions all right or just a few wrong and get no addtional strength bars.

Is that a problem the system or do I not understand how it work?

For example on less lesson to day I started with 1/5 strength bars. I strengthened the less 5 times today. One took me a number of tries to complete but the others were completed with few errors. I still only have 3/5 bars. This happens on both app and online.

If anyone has any thoughts, I would appreciate it!

April 9, 2015

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The strength of the lesson is based on the average strength of all the words in that lesson. I am not sure of the exact algorithm but it is quite possible that it could take several attempts to increase the strength to be in the 80-100% range. This is because there could be 60 to 80 words in a skill and each strengthening exercise can only test about 18 words maximum with 6 to 10 words being more normal.

So it can take a while to return a skill to gold and the skill can loose its goldenness very quickly if, say, it's average strength is only just over 80% when it turns gold.

My advice is not to worry too much about it and if you need to strengthen very frequently look on it as good learning experience which will make you even better at your chosen language.

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