"The ants eat a big part of my rødgrød with cream."

Translation:Myrerne spiser en stor del af min rødgrød med fløde.

4/9/2015, 2:10:25 PM



Why is it "del" and not "stykke" for the part?

4/9/2015, 2:10:25 PM

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"et stykke" is "a piece" and with physical objects, it seems to imply that something is rather solid, like bread or pie. Rødgrød med fløde.....well, there's a reason it's eaten with a spoon :D

4/9/2015, 8:35:36 PM


det er stadig sådan at dyr æder og mennesker spiser, så " myrerne æder en stor del af min rødgrød med fløde" er rigtigt.

7/21/2015, 7:45:58 AM


Æde er gammelt dansk for det tyske spise. Mennesker æder lige så vel som dyr og dyr spiser lige så vel som mennesker.

12/10/2015, 7:24:08 PM


Misread that one as "The ants [are] a big part of my rødgrød with cream."

Duolingo has taught me to expect the weirdest things :D

3/17/2019, 8:48:08 AM
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