Are there any podcasts in Irish that aren't about lerning Irish?

Should anyone here accidentally know any Irish (Gaeilge) podcasts, that don's focus on learning Irish but are actually podcasts for people who speak Irish fluently: I'd love to hear natives speaking the language and i would be extremely thankful if anyone could tell me where to find such a podcast or radio broadcast.

3 years ago


Raidió na Gaeltachta is the obvious choice. There's the talk show Cormac@5 every day at 17:00 GMT that's good for listening. They talk about current affairs and news, the host has a clear voice and doesn't speak too fast, and there are guests from all over the country so you can hear different dialects (and skill level too).

3 years ago

On top of that, Raidio na Gaeltachta allows you to subscribe to podcast versions of their shows, so you don't even have to listen live!

3 years ago

I like to listen to An Saol Ó Dheas, as well. The theme is just so catchy!

3 years ago
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I would recommend that you go to the Irish Language T.V. station TG4. They have an excellent website at where you can watch any amount of programmes in Irish and most will also have subtitles in English as well. This is a great learning resource and I would recommend it to anyone learning Irish.

3 years ago

For anyone who doesn't use iTunes but find sites that only give podcast links in that format. as RTÉ tend to, this site converts them so that any podcast reader can use them: "Feed Flipper is a free service which extracts the source RSS URL from iTunes audio podcasts. If a standard RSS feed isn’t detected in the iTunes feed, Feed Flipper will dynamically convert the podcast into an RSS XML feed which can be subscribed to in your RSS reader."

4 months ago

If you are using iTunes you can change your country to Ireland at the bottom of the page and then just search through the pod casts they listen to there. I do this with Swedish, it works great :)

3 years ago
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I would recommend the urban Irish stations, like Raidió Rí Rá or Raidió na Life. They don't always use the best grammar, but they're easy to understand and great for building fluency.

3 years ago

Ceann nua anois ag RTÉ, tá sé maith go leor.

1 year ago
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