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Stuck at Level Spanish

I am at level 11 in Spanish but unable to continue - screen shows in error that tree is completed. Help!!

April 9, 2015



Levels are based on XP. On your profile page, I can see the below information.

Spanish - Level 11
Next level: 260 XP
Total XP: 3640 XP

So you should be able to move to level 12 after another 260 XPs. What do you mean by error of tree completion? The last skill in the course is Cond. Per. If you have completed this skill, you are done with the Spanish course.


The screen show that I have completed the tree but I have only 3640 xps. How can I continue?


If you have completed all there skills in the course, you now have a few options.

  1. Revise previously learnt skills. You have a general strengthening button on the right side of the home page that can used for this. Or, if you prefer, each skill also has a strengthen option. That can be used to revise specific skills that you feel needs some more work.
  2. It seems you have not bought any bonus skills. Do check out the lingot store for bonus skills idioms and flirting.
  3. Check out the immersion section. Here you can translate Spanish documents to English. This will give you exposure to real-world usage of Spanish grammar, sentence structures as well a wider range of vocabulary. You can even upload your own document and work on them. The wiki article at http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Immersion should help you get more insight on immersion.
  4. You can try the reverse tree i.e. English for Spanish speakers. This part is designed keeping Spanish native speakers in mind and will give a nice immersion experience. Don't forget to checkout the discussions where natives participate to talk, discuss and debate on various things.
  5. You can attempt another language with Spanish as the base language. This is a nice way to delve into another language while still strengthening your L2.


they removed immersion :(


I have 3640 XP in level 11 Spanish but the screen on my Android tablet and on Windows XP also shows the golden owl ie the software says (in error) that I have completed the course. How do I continue my lessons?


how did u get all the way at that level

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