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  5. "The spoons are in the glass."

"The spoons are in the glass."

Translation:Kaşıklar bardağın içinde.

April 9, 2015



Is 'içerinde' not acceptable because it's an adverb?


içerisinde is acceptable. "içerinde" is not a word.


I'm certainly not doubting you Ektoraskan, just wondering if "hayret içerinde" is a colloquial exception? Or should I not trust TurEng as much as I have been? Lol.


O.O what... That doesn't exist. It must be a typo. It's hayret içinde or içerisinde.


Good to know! Thanks! :-)


Sara 80175 wrote Kaşıklar bardağda is wrong. Why? This may be because the word would be bardakta? Also what is the difference between locative and içerinde? İs it that içerinde means inside while locative is on?


I have the same questions as alibektas 34 and erdogan_fan1. If there hadn't been any prompts I probably would have translated this sentence as: "Kaşıklar bardakta."


maybe i missed it somewhere but what is the difference between cam and bardak


Cam is glass as the material, I guess. So, the glass in your window is "cam". Bardak is a glass you drink out of.


Kaşıklar bardağda is wrong. Why?


"-da" does not start with a vowel, so there is no need to turn "k" into "ğ". But, the suffix should turn into "-ta"


"The spoons are in the glasses" would be nice I think.


no. that would be "bardakların içinde" in Turkish.


Ah I did not mean it is a correct translation. I meant the sentence could be changed slightly to fit Turkish culture. In other words we put a spoon in each glass for everyone who takes sugar in their tea, which is a nice tinkling sound at breakfast time. But I expect you and the rest of the Turkish team are too busy getting the course out of beta status to bother with any non-essential changes at the moment: maybe those can be listed for later consideration. By the way please don't take my small suggestions as criticism as I am very grateful for all your hard work and as someone new to Duolinguo, but IT knowledgeable and currently doing a little English teaching, I like the product and just want to help polish it a little by pointing out the rough edges which are normal in a beta.


If "The books are in the bag" can be translated to " Kitaplar çantada", why cannot "The spoons are in the glass." be translated to "Kaşıklar bardakta"? Or have I got both wrong!!??


Why bardağın??


What's wrong with "bardakta"?


I think we can use both because in the sentence " aksam yemegi masanin uzerinde" (srry for the accents, i dont have turkish keyboard in this android) so i asked that why it's masanin? Then someone told me that we can use masada too. I think like this here also we can use bardakta. I hope it help u...

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