How to proceed?

I am on 'French skills Level 4. ' I have completed Basics 1, 2 and the Phrases, also ' review flash cards' many times ( same words, same phrases), but don't seem to progress to the next section - Food, then Animals etc. Can you please explain what I have to do to proceed? Also, I have no idea what ' 36/20 Xp goal met ' means. Could someone please explain this to me? Thank you!

April 9, 2015


Here's a link. It is a user FAQ page, sorta. I hope it helps.

You have to complete every lesson in the skills Basics2 and Phrases before the skills below are unlocked. Below the icon for each skill you should see two numbers if the skill is incomplete e.g. 4/5 which means 4 lessons out of 5 lessons have been completed. Once all lessons have been completed the icon will turn gold and these numbers will disappear.

Perhaps there is a lesson that you have not finished.

"36/20 Xp goal met"

You saw that at the end of a lesson? Your xp goal must be set to 20xp, right? If both of these are true, it means that you've met your daily foal for today. It means that you have made 36xp today till now. Hope this helps. :)

Thank you all so much. I really don't think this info. was there when I first joined - at least, I don't remember it. I've just gone back and finished one of my incomplete lessons and now know what to do to be able to proceed. Result! I had sent 3 questions about this via 'help' at the bottom of the page with no response. Is 'discussion' with other members always the best way to get help?

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