Errors in Spanish Matching

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I find the matching exercises to be of no value, just a waste of time. To make matters worse, they are full of errors. Here are several examples: Habré matched have but means I will; circunstancia matched circumstances, but is singular; gustas matched like, but would not be used in that way, did they mean te gusta; maletas matched bags, which is a reach since it means suitcases; harán matched they/you plural will voice, but it means they or you plural will do or make. Negative training should not be provided.

3 years ago


Habré + participle = I will have + participle.

I agree with the other ones you mention.

3 years ago

Send in an error report :3

3 years ago

it is not an erro to say habrá you say it will have, to say harán you say he or she will do, circunstancia es singular, im a spanish native speaker..add me if you want

3 years ago
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